An evening with Infinity @ Husky Pictures

25/02/2019 - Husky Pictures, Huskisson

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7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Husky Pictures

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Early Bird Tickets $15 include a glass of wine and nibblies!  $20 @ the Door


What on earth are we thinking?

A touring feature documentary series event and Q&A session.

Tickets includes a glass of wine and nibbles

Come and be a part of this unique event. Watch the film and share your thoughts in an after film conversation with the filmmaker, Christopher Robin Collins, and guest speakers on this fascinating subject.

Infinity is a new entertaining and engaging, high quality feature documentary film series, exploring one of the most significant unanswered questions of our time ‘Does infinity exist?’ Conversations with leading thinkers from multiple disciplines reveal the latest in scientific research and a broad range of perspectives and insights.

Infinity is a film of great beauty and scientific substance but is also very much about the human perspective of infinity. Conversations with scientists, philosophers, religious leaders, artists and more are merged into a filmic narrative with a powerful soundtrack and stunning visuals. The film explores new scientific thinking in terms of multi verses and the big squeeze, parallel dimensions and string theory. If infinity exists, then it implies that the big bang is an incomplete theory and we have to look towards the multi verse theory as the most likely scenario. What does infinity mean for our spiritual existence and continuation of life on earth and beyond?

Here is what the audience is saying about INFINITY…

“Watching Infinity is literally a mind opening experience. A cosmological exploration into the potentially infinite nature of our existence through the minds of astrophysicists and lay people of all ages. Breath taking visuals from the smallest to largest scales are a mesmerizing backdrop to the films narrative which brings vividly to life what is currently known and unknown about the very fabric of our reality.”

“I have worked in the Aircraft Industry for 38years and to watch a program that made me feel like a ten year old boy looking in amazement is a credit to the filmmaker.”

“The effect is rather like being taken on a virtual tour through time and space, with constantly changing views and helpful tour guides. There is something slightly mesmerizing about all this.”

“A thought-provoking production on a cosmic scale. Visually stunning, this epic series asks the biggest questions about the universe, Infinity is an inspiring mix of entertaining brain-food – a series that takes you to the edge of your imagination and beyond…”

“Infinity is incredibly thought provoking. The questions raised throughout give much food for thought and provided us with endless hours of conversation.”

“We found Infinity fascinating, absorbing and thought provoking. I particularly appreciate not only the scientists and philosophers, but also the lay persons’ perspective. I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.”

“We really enjoyed watching Infinity. Stunning work!”

“A fantastic eye opening series that leaves you thinking about the world we live in and the universe we don’t know. This series is a must watch.”

“I really think the courage, inspiration and wisdom you’ve showed in creating this work is so important for humanity. If it was me it would be a life’s work!”

“This is a most thought provoking show. It challenges you to think about life, its meaning and our purpose in being here.”

“If, like me, you have occasionally visited this topic, only to quickly retire, bewildered and hurt, to the comforts of the everyday world, you will enjoy this engaging guided tour through the deep reaches of human perplexity. Highly recommended.”