For ticket buyers, if the answer to your question can’t be found here please email us at info@southcoasttickets.com.au

I didn’t receive my tickets?

I didn’t receive my tickets?
Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you will receive an email with the transaction invoice and tickets attached. If you didn’t receive tickets after purchase you most likely submitted your email address with a typo in it. You can message the organiser requesting a resend of tickets – they can edit your email address on their reports and then resend tickets. You can contact them by heading to the event page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Contact”.

What about refunds?

If requesting a refund for an event, you must contact the organiser through the “Contact” button at the bottom of the event page. Refunds relating to events are handled solely by the Event Organiser who creates and manages their event on South Coast Tickets. South Coast Tickets lets event organisers set their own refund policies. The organiser can elect to list their refund policy within the event details, the confirmation email or the ticket. The South Coast Tickets booking & payment fees are non-refundable.

Can I forward my ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can forward one or all of your tickets to any email/phone. However the Humanitix scanning app ensures that each ticket QR-code can be used only once.

What happens if I accidentally lose/change/delete my ticket?

Tickets can be reissued to the ticket purchaser only, and we recommend you contact the event organiser directly ahead of the event day to do this. The tickets will be re-sent to the original email address.

Why does my ticket say Humanitix when I ordered it from South Coast Tickets?

South Coast Tickets has chosen Humanitix to power our ticketing processing system, for very good reasons. The software includes a range of market-leading features, and they are Australian owned not for profit organisation, so the profits from your booking fee goes to Partner Charity chosen by the event organiser.

Event Organisers

All direct enquiries for Event Organisers, Bands, and Advertisers please also email us: info@southcoasttickets.com.au

When do I receive the revenue from my ticket sales?

South Coast Tickets will transfer the ticket proceeds to your nominated bank account within 5 business days post your event’s completion. If you require early access to your ticket proceeds please contact info@southcoasttickets.com.au to discuss your requirements – please outline the percentage you need released of total ticket sales.

Can I check in Patrons on a mobile app?

Yes, simply download the free Humanitix app by searching Humanitix Console in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android. Our app is super simple to use, and is designed to make check-in at events seamless and secure.

Humanitix tickets have unique QR codes which can be printed or displayed on a mobile device for scanning with the Humanitix app. Alternatively, patrons can be manually checked in by searching in the app using first name, last name or order ID.

Our app is designed to work across multiple event check-points so patrons cannot enter with the same ticket twice. This allows you to have multiple event staff simultaneously checking in guests at different entry points. The app also reports total tickets checked-in so you can know how many guests have already entered the event. You should also know the app is integrated with the web-platform, and on the web-platform under the Attendees section you can manually check and uncheck-in patrons.

Can I create discount codes, issue complimentary tickets, sell tickets through various channels, create raffle tickets, and/or collect extra information (eg. dietary requirements)?

Yes! When your event gets listed we will give you access to the listing, and a “Tips” sheet about how you can use all these great features to manage and promote your event!

What about GST?

If applicable, GST is always included in the ticket price. If you select “Yes” for “Is Your event Subject to GST”, then remember to account for GST when setting your prices. A tax invoice will be sent to the patron upon their purchase of a ticket, including a break-down with the GST component of the ticket price. If you select “No” than a receipt will be sent to the patron for their ticket purchase which will illustrate that there is no GST in the base ticket price.

With respect to South Coast Tickets booking & payment fees, prices are always quoted inclusive of GST (we believe in no nasty surprises!).

Why use South Coast Tickets?

We are the only ticketing service that is also a Quality Events “go to gig guide” for events specifically on the South Coast, so you’re not renting a “self service kiosk” that is national and often based on overseas – your event is getting noticed in the area where it is occurring!

We have an alliance with Humanitix for our ticketing software, so your Event is simultaneously listed on their site as well. Giving you local, regional and national impact!

Aside from easy Event Management, utilising . range of market-leading features, we also give your event a charitable element. With each listing, your choose a Partner Charity (from 28 possible charities), so it is a win for everybody.

If 100% of Booking Fees goes to my selected charity, how do I make money?

Our ticket processing is powered by Humanitix, a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and 100% of the booking fees after their cots (including SC Tickets costs) are donated to partner charities.

To clarify, the donation is not an extra charge, this is the profits donated to a charity of your choice!