Mikelangelo and the Spectres of Love @ Murrah Hall

01/06/2018 - Murrah Hall, Murrah


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6:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Murrah Hall

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Mikelangelo returns to the south coast for a night of rock’n’roll and dancing with his band the Spectres Of Love. They draw on blues, surf music, gospel and garage rock to create an amazing live show. 

The last time Mikelangelo played Murrah Hall, the crowd was spilling out the door; so this show is sure to be big. In January this year, he brought the Spectres Of Love to the newly re-opened Tathra Hotel for four nights and had audiences dancing in the aisles and bouncing in their seats. The group is excited to return to the south coast to warm you up for winter. 


As usual, Murrah Curries will be warming the tummies, the fire will be warming the toes, and the music will be warming the soul !!

Tickets are $20 online, and $25 at the Gate

SPECTRES OF LOVE explore a world of lonesome outsiders, haunted dreamers and sexually charged rock’n’roll. These denizens of dark romance are thrown together by a shared lust for primal swamp and garage rock, doo wop, gospel blues and 60s pop. This iconic trio features Mikelangelo (Black Sea Gentlemen, Tin Star) on lead vocals and bass; Dirk Kruithoff on electric guitar and AJ True (Zombie Ghost Train) on drums and vocals.

With tremolo guitar, prowling electric bass, and drums rumbling like thunder, SPECTRES OF LOVE create a rich sonic landscape for the unmistakable voice and songwriting of Mikelangelo. Slicing through a mist of nostalgia into the heady rush of here and now, these are songs shot through with pop-cultural references riding a musical wave both arresting and sublime.

This trio consolidates decades of individual and collective experience around the globe on stage, record and film, from major festivals, awards and critical acclaim in Australia, NZ, UK, Europe, US and Canada. Meanwhile be assured, “When love comes a knockin’ at your door, it’s not a social visit that’s for sure.”