So&So Present… Hinterlandt

Fri 11 Aug - Bomaderry Presbytarian Church, Bomaderry

So&So Present... Hinterlandt

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$15 + BF

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Kids Free!

Fri 11 Aug
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Bomaderry Presbytarian Church


Food, refreshments from 6.30pm
Music from 7.30pm
Catch the train u folks in Berry/kiama
Come for dinner under the stars 🙂

Sydney indie-chamber group Hinterlandt presents its brand new album ‘Ode to Doubt’. The album was conceived as one piece of purely acoustic music spanning 40 minutes across seven movements. Three fine vocal duets are embedded in the otherwise instrumental composition. Music and words written and arranged specifically for this ensemble by German-born musician and composer, Jochen Gutsch. The full ‘Ode to Doubt’ set was first presented at Mona Foma festival in Hobart in January 2017.

Stylistically, the music of Hinterlandt is diverse and progressive, with a narrative and engaging quality. Hinterlandt has performed internationally, including shows in London, Berlin, Bangkok, Melbourne, Hamburg, Jakarta, Helsinki, Kuala Lumpur, Cologne, Singapore, Rome, Amsterdam, Brisbane, Lisbon, and of course Sydney. In addition, twelve studio albums were released on a range of underground labels.




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