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We have  been  friends  since  childhood.  Our  mothers  were  good  mates  who shared  ideas,  recipes  and  a   chat. 

Over  the  years  our  friendship has survived  distance  and  the  busyness  of  bringing  up  our  own  children.  

Both  families  have travelled together & apart, with & without children. And now occasionally with our grandchildren.

Much  of  the  fun  has  been  in  planning  and coordinating the  trips  ourselves.  Our travels  are  more  than  just  observing  –  we  love  to  immerse  ourselves  in  the local  culture.  Do  rather  than  watch!  Get  on  a  bike,  climb  a  mountain,  learn  a new  skill,  eat  the  local  food  and  drink  the  wines.

Now  we  want  to  share  this  passion  with  like-minded  people  who  are  either  time  poor  or  just  not  sure  where  to  start!  

Christine and Cathy.


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