Tommee Balukea Quintet & Tanya Ransom

23/11/2019 - El Horses, Nowra

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9:00 am - 1:00 pm

El Horses

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This gig will be part of a tour to release Tommee’s new album “Follow The Wind” inspired by the Kerongcong music that he grew up with in Indonesia.  The music music was introduced by Portuguese traders to Indonesia around 400 years ago.  Kerongcong music is a music played all by string instruments.  There is no percussion in this music. All The the string instruments are played in a percussive way with lots of crossed rhythm, that creates a very unique groove.  The groove is crafted by the unity and the energy if several string player’s blending into oneness.  The music will bring people to the ocean and the island’s life.  Free, just to follow where ever the wind is blowing.

Tanya Ransom from Broome, is captivating, moving and truly a salt of the Earth lady.  Her authentic folk blues roots fusion cleverly takes what could be deemed negatives by the spin doctor new-age coaches of the world and transforms the experience into one hell of a positive.  Ransom’s natural talent with words and melody, delivered by an effortless, blues tone voice accompanies the laid-back guitar and strings perfectly. Her love and life in the wide open spaces of the vast North West Coast, travelling through the endless Australian desert and life under the open skies are heard through her song writing.