The Rhymes, Reasons and Rhythm’s of The Sandman & Flacco

24/06/2022 - 25/06/2022 - Murrah Hall, Murrah

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24/06/2022 - 25/06/2022
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Murrah Hall

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You are cordially invited to celebrate the lives of two fictional characters – The Sandman & Flacco 1994-2011, late of Triple J, Good News Week and SBS. The Rhymes, Reasons and Rhythms of The Sandman & Flacco sees Steve “The Sandman” Abbott & Paul “Flacco” Livingston exhume the scattered remains of their own characters in this touching tribute to themselves.

Words cannot express their loss of life, laughter and basic income. They left no offspring, no will and no forwarding address. Together we can all suck the remaining life out of their tepid corpses. The characters are survived by the skin of their teeth, elevated toilet seats and the aged pension. Hear Steve reading Sandman and Paul reading Flacco.

Apart from exhuming their alter egos of the 80’s and 90’s, Paul and Steve will startle with their sublimely adequate musical talents in intimate surrounds where failure requires no preparation.

2 shows 24th and 25th June.