South Coast Tickets Presents: The New Savages, Frank Sultana at the Dish & Spoon

12/04/2019 - The Dish and Spoon Cafe, Nowra

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7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

The Dish and Spoon Cafe

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The New Savages are an electric and original take on the first generation of recorded blues. Lead Singer Milan’s striking baritone vocals seem to evoke the spirit of a great poet. His guitar playing is a simple, primitive and hypnotic boogie – one that sounds as though humans have been playing it since the dawn of time.

The subtle sense of charisma and confidence The New Savages seem to contain comes having their ears are tuned to sounds from another world. This deep interest in the history of the blues led Milan on a pilgrimages into the Mississippi Hill Country. While in Mississippi he met and befriended Kent Burnside, Grandson of the legendary RL Burnside. The two became quick friends and have planned an Australian tour for the end of 2019. These journeys served as an inspirational basis for their debut album, Seventh Son which is soon to be released.

Friday night, April 12th The New Savages appear at the Dish & Spoon. Come and have a listen to their hypnotic, spiritual blues boogie. And then get on your feet and have a party – it’s Friday night!

Support from Frank Sultana.

Tickets are $16 pre-sales online or $20 at the door. 7pm.