Love in the Jungle and Beatmeisters @ The Bombie, Coledale

14/09/2018 - ,

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7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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The Bombie presents two great acts for a Friday night dance. Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door.

Love in the Jungle is a locally produced celebration of original Salt laced contemporary acoustic folky rock, boosted with a twist of world percussion and authentic Aussie indigenous sounds.

The music traverses through upbeat snippets of local history, political commentaries and humorous swipes at modern society, with a sneaky cover or two.

Backing up from a successful Illawarra Folk festival “The Jungle” is thrilled to bring their good vibes to the Bombie Bar for the first time. Get ready to rumble with the Jungle!

Beat Meisters
The rhythmic knock on your front door can only be… the Beat Meisters! They’ll have your circadian biology in a spinning whirl, they will count the sum of your pulse and mirror it in sonic waves, skew that wayward walk into a dance like prance and take you to a place where you can’t stop, your feet must wiggle and your booty must jiggle.

Drawing heavily on the traditions of African drumming interspersed with Latin and Arabic influences and utilising melodic percussive instruments from all corners of the globe the Beat Meisters never fail to get the punters jumping and the good vibes pumping.