The Howlers @ Tomerong Hall

15/09/2018 - Tomerong Hall, Tomerong

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7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Tomerong Hall

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The Howlers are a local, original, high energy ‘Aussie Rock’ band that gets the audience on their feet dancing. After recently finishing a successful tour with Dr Feelgood, this is their first concert on home turf. 

“We’re not quirky, folkie, alternative or progressive. We play original, blues based Rock ’n’ Roll!” says the band’s singer Larry Millott.

Ask a room full of folks about their record collection and some will say “Oh, Pink Floyd, James Taylor etc.” Not me, man! I grew up on great rock like Bad Company, Stones, AD/DC, The Angles, Rose Tattoo and killer country like Dwight Yoakham.:

With this stuff in your DNA Larry’s writing partner and guitarist Marcus Adamson on board they can’t help but write catchy guitar riffs and lyrics that are little stories and come from the heart. They do what they love and don’t chase fashion.

“We know we’re doing something right ‘cause when we play live, folks dig it. There is this sense of “thank God, real Rock ‘n’ Roll!”

So get ready to boogie! Check out the new video here: