Andy Golledge & Lyall Moloney @ Burradise Live

29/05/2022 - Culburra Beach Community Hall, Culburra Beach

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3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Culburra Beach Community Hall

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We have a special treat coming to Burradise Live back at our beloved Culburra Beach Festival venue the Culburra Beach Community Hall.

Andy Golledge is a livewire and a gentle soul, trapped in a 70s tuna fisherman’s body. He looks like your old man back in the day, sounds like Neil Young, with the energy of Springsteen, and a vulnerability all his own.

Hailing from Australia’s country music capital, Andy’s early musical influences, like most of ours, reflected his parent’s record collection. Absorbing the art of storytelling from James Taylor, he was “singing sad songs before I was even sad,” it wasn’t until Andy left his hometown, drifted a while and landed in Sydney that his love of the genre emerged.

Stimulating your senses, Lyall Moloney came up in Sydney Inner-West’s expanding hub of talent and over the years has established himself as a formidable artist. 

He has found the perfect groove combo between electronica/hip-hop and floaty, sub-aquatic guitars, gnawing his way through musical genres like a rabbit on a carrot.

Moloney is a guy with a knack for catchy hooks and laid back tunes. He is a one man band, musical powerhouse and certainly knows how to put on a good show.