African Drum and Dance Workshop, Pyree School of Arts.

18/10/2020 - Pyree School of Arts, Pyree

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10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Pyree School of Arts

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Drumming Workshop at 10am

Dance Workshop at 11.30am

Do you bop to the beat?
Do you find yourself tapping along to your favourite songs? African drumming is an accessible group acitivity where you learn to express the language of rhythm. Stringing together patterns and phrases to spark up conversations and share in the good vibes of a drum circle. Group drumming creates mindfulness, improves coordination, creates social connections, stimulates the memory and overall is fun.

Do you love to dance?
When you hear the groove do you start to move? Afro dance is active, creative, energetic and fun.Dance is a great way to improve fitness, balance and coordination, burn calories, reduce stress and ultimately have a good time. Afro steps and grooves give you a whole new expression when dancing to your favourite tunes.

With over 15 years experience, Elemental Groove teaches rhythms and Afro dance moves that are founded in traditional drumming and dance styles from Guinea, West Africa.